November 1-3 and November 7-9

Bright and funny, fast-paced and frisky, THE PAJAMA GAME tells the story of Babe Williams, a feisty union representative who finds her match in the factory’s new superintendent, Sid Sorokin.

The story centers around the seven-and-a-half-cents-per-hour raise the Sleep Tite Pajama Co factory workers are demanding to keep their salaries comparable with other garment-workers’ pay. Sid pushes both himself and the workers hard in order to prove himself to the owner, but a visit by the union grievances committee in the form of lovely-but-tough Babe brings out his romantic side. Despite their love, Babe warns Sid that the turmoil between the union and the management will cause problems for them too, and Sid has to juggle his job, his heart, and his conscience to find a compromise that will solve everything.

The high-energy score of THE PAJAMA GAME, by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross, brims with popular hits and musical theater standards such as “Hey There,” “Steam Heat” and “Hernando’s Hideaway.” Audiences of all ages will recognize some of the best showtunes from the end of Broadway’s Golden Age as the story of the Sleep-Tite Pajama Company unfolds!


Vernon Hines: Charlie Pingel
Prez: Aaron Thibodeau
Myron “Old Man” Hasler: Riley Dedering*
Gladys Hotchkiss: Jenna Quinn*
Sid Sorokin: Logan Hash
Mabel: Hadlie Denil
Babe Williams: Audrey Soberg*
Pop: Nathan Leschke*

Max, the Salesman: Damon Lamb
Charlie: Nathan Leschke*
Joe: Holden Iverson
Gus: Austin Demerath
Eddie: Michael Hahn
Dillon: Zachary Russ*
Rochester: Ethan Kraft
Anderson: Ellie Debbert
Alvarez: Max Wheeler
Woodburn: Elijah Nash
Ford: Sean Sanders*

Mae: Hannah Schmitz
Poopsie: Breckyn Shaffer*
Brenda: Moriah Webster**
Rita: Alexandra Smith*
Virginia: Aleah Her
Mara: Hailey Bay
Mary: Maggie Weigt*
Sandra: Olivia Hill
Carmen: Tatum Grambow
Ann: Alliyah Golden
Pat: Makenna Carver
Sara: Tatum Moderson
Charlene: Kate Heller
Lynda: Blair Vandehey
Doris: Iulia Fanatan
Carroll: Abby Prestigiacomo*
Colleen: Helena Marks*

Sleep-Tite Factory Workers:
Alissa Burns, Angelina Yang, Aura Alumbaugh, Emily Wiitanen, Gabriella Schmidt, Hailey Brooks, ^Hallorin Swick, Jayden Thowless, Julia Marks, Shelby Watson, Sydnie Shaffer

*Denotes Steam Heat Featured Dancer
^Denotes Hernando’s Hideaway Featured Dancer