Arthur Miller’s timeless classic The Crucible depicts the real people and events of the historical Salem Witch Trials of 1692. When farmer John Proctor finds his wife Elizabeth and a score of other respectable community members accused of witchcraft, he goes to court determined to clear their names. There, Proctor’s former servant girl Abigail Williams and her friends further deepen John’s problems, by accusing him of witchcraft in a terrifyingly dramatic display of the “Devil.” Once convicted and like others accused before him, Proctor faces the ordeal of confessing to crimes he didn’t commit to spare his life or going to the hanging gallows an innocent man.
This 1953 Tony Award-winning play still serves today as a powerful warning about what happens when emotion defeats all reason, hysteria prevails, and human beings are cut down to the rawest survival mode of “kill or be killed.”

*PG-13 Audience – Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.


Betty Parris: Olivia Hill
Reverend Samuel Parris: Damon Lamb
Tituba: Molly Kubica*
Abigail Williams: Jenny Witt*
Susanna Walcott: Jenna Quinn
Mrs. Ann Putnam: Audrey Soberg
Thomas Putnam: Nathan Leschke
Mercy Lewis: Helena Marks
Mary Warren: Alexandra Smith
John Proctor: Alex Martinez*
Giles Corey: Holden Iversen
Rebecca Nurse: Erin Gretzinger*
Reverend John Hale: Logan Hash
Elizabeth Proctor: Ally Gilmeister
Francis Nurse: Aaron Leschke*
Ezekiel Cheever: Kaden Ward
John Willard: Riley Dedering
Judge Hathorne: Charlie Pingel
Voice of Martha Corey: Breckyn Shaffer
Deputy-Governor Danforth: Mack Brog
Hopkins: Chris Sosa-Ayala*
Girl Accusers: Isabel DeBruin, Hadlie Denil, Tatum Grambow, Avery Koepsell, Kyra Peterson*, Breckyn Shaffer
Sarah Good: Moriah Webster

Student Director: Angela Stadler*